Re: Greek numerals? (fwd)

From: Will Wagers (
Date: Mon Oct 02 1995 - 18:12:32 EDT

No, they did have some "numerals", but it is true that the letters have
numerical values and are even found in computations.


>A good friend writes:
>Mari, we have a Sunday morning adult ed class for choir members that's
>being taught by a nice guy from the choir [stuff deleted]. [Y]esterday
>he told us that next week he would talk about something called
>"theomatics", which apparently is a sort of
>numerology. As I understand it, people who espouse this assert that
>none of the three Biblical languages (I assume he means Hebrew,
>Aramaic, and koine Greek) has numerals and that instead they assign
>number values to their alphabetic characters. (I guess where he's
>going to go from here is to show that there are amazing things based
>on the number values of words in the Bible, the idea being that only
>God could have planned something so complicated).
>What I'm wondering is this: is it true that Greek had no numerals?
>Jim can't remember one way or another, and I can't find my Greek
>[stuff deleted]
>Anyone have information on 'theomatics', or can otherwise read between
>the lines of this to help her? You can answer to me, and I'll forward
>it on (I'm curious, too).


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