Romans 4:7-8

Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 23:55:13 EDT

Ellen and Bruce,

Would a better translation of Roman 4:7a be: "The sins were forgiven of the
ones who are happy"? This would seem to give the nominative of hAI ANOMIAI
its full weight. But MAKARIOI is also nominative plural. However, I take
MAKARIOI as an adjective but not as a substantive, which, I would guess
though, is a possibility.

Would this verse also translate correctly as "The sins (were) forgiven of
those who (were) happy"?


Dana and Mantey, page 125 -- "The relative pronoun agrees with its antecedent
in gender and number, but not in case." Would this rule be appropriate with
regard to hWN and MAKARIOI (which agree in gender and number but not in
case) except in a kind of strange reversal of "roles", or should I say
"functions"? Or, is this simply making too much of the grammar?

As I work on this Book of Romans I feel, contrary to some of what I am
reading, that preciseness in understanding the language is as important as
the context. But perhaps this is another misunderstanding on my part. I am
not sure enough of any of this that I would categorize it as criticism,

Anyway, I am happy because I believe my sins have been, are, and will be



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