Re: PISTIS in Romans 1, yet

Date: Sun Oct 01 1995 - 22:28:16 EDT

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>Eric Weiss replied to my question about EK PISTEWS EIS PISTIN saying
>that it means "by (means of) faith and faith alone" where EIS PISTIN
>acts as an intensifier. It appears that this rendering modifies
>Jim McGuire clarified his view saying EK PISTEWS is an ablative of source
>apparently modifying APOKALUPTETAI. If I understood him correctly, he
>says that God's righteousness is revealed as one believer declares the
>good news to others who in turn believe.
>The first view is good reformation theology. The second is consistent
>with Romans 10:14-17 as well as 1:16. Which is the theme of Paul's

   How about "from faithfulness into faithfulness," meaning that God's
faithfulness produced our faithfulness.
 I think this is in line with the theme of the epistle.

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