Used books - the list, finally

From: Charles Misner (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 19:03:47 EDT

Sorry about that last post - somehow the attached list of used book sources
did not make it into the posting. Let's try again.

Used Book Sources

        Kregel's 616-459-9444 voice
        525 Eastern SE 616-459-6049 fax
        Grand Rapids, MI 49503

        Baker Book House 616-957-3110 voice
        2768 E Paris Ave SE 616-957-0965 fax
        Grand Rapids, MI 49546
        Ex Libris Theological Books 312-955-3456 voice
        PO Box 810 312-955-4116 fax
        Oak Lawn, IL 60454

There. Please feel free to email me additional sources as you find them.
I will keep adding to the list of sources for Greek, Biblical study, and
Theological used books as sources are located.
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                                    -William of Occam, d. c.1349

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