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Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 09:31:18 EDT

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>Here's some resources for out of print books and used books that I have....
>Archives Bookstore, CA 818/797-4756
>Baker's Book House 616/957-3110, 1-800-877-2665
>Browsers Bookstore, CA 714/949-0101
>Kregal Used Books 616/459-9444
>Erdman's 1-800-253-7521
>McCoy's Christian Supply
>Steels, Davenport
>Tyndale 312/668-8300
>Zondervan Corp. 1-800-727-1309

Two other sources

Dove Booksellers
30633 Schoolcraft Rd
Suite C
Livonia MI 48150
Ph: 313-522-7440

In addition to a used book/search service Dove has a large academic
catlogue (although their discounts are typically not as large as, say,
CBD). My experience with them has been uniformly good. (Well at least up
to this last order that I received last Friday; I ordered Vol 1 Ed 2 of
Koester's "History of the NT" and they sent me Vol2 Ed 1. Grrrrr.... But
other than that...)

Sigler Press
9 Sycamore Drive
Mifflintown PA 17059
Ph: 1-500-488-3903

Sigler doesn't handle used books, per se, but instead specialize in out of
print books (at used-book prices) and reprints. I've just placed my first
order with these folks (Kasemann's _Essays on NT Themes_, Dieter Betz
_Essays on Sermon on the Mount_, Vermes _Jesus the Jew_) so I can't say a
lot about them, but they seem to have an interesting catlogue.

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