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Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 14:44:04 EDT

Since I had trouble with my E-mail gateway, I have been able to read mail,
but not send it. After finally working around the problem, I can now send
once again and participate in the interesting discussions that have been
going on.

On September 26 Edward Hobbs posted a long, helpful bibliography of Greek
Lexica. I want to add one title to what he has there. It *may* be helpful
to some readers.

There is a major, but old, Septuagint lexicon that is now once again in print.

Joh. Fried. Schleussner, _Novus Thesaurus Philologico-criticus sive Lexicon
in LXX et reliquos Interpretes Graecos ac Scriptores Apocryphos Veteris
Testamenti._ Leipzig, 5 vol. 1820-21. 2nd ed. in 3 vols., Glasgow, 1822.
Reprinted in London, 1829.

It has now been reprinted by Brepols Publishers, Steenweg op Tielen 68,
2300 Turnhout, Belgium for 30,000 BEF.

The definitions are all in Latin, which will cause some of us difficulty.
But it is at present the only lexicon to the LXX. S. Jellicoe (in 1968)
called it a "justly famous work," whose "rich treasures have never been
fully explored."

It belongs in every seminary and university library. In 1961 I was
fortunate to purchase the five volume, original Leipzig edition in
Edinburgh, Scotland, for $20.00! I hav e treasured it ever since.

And I gathered that Edward Hobbs just celebrated his 70th! Congrats.

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