Bible Works & WordPerfect

From: Charles W. Bradley (
Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 14:51:56 EDT

Multilingual pastes from BibleWorks into WordPerfect can be done successfully
using the WordPerfect Styles feature. Create one character style each for the
Greek and Hebrew fonts, then save the styles into a personal or shared library
(so that the styles are available to every document). Simply invoke the style
[Alt-F8] before pasting text from BWW. The style code will then format the text
with the correct font and size in your document as it is pasted. Text from BWW
can also be exported as RTF and then imported into WP using the retreive into
document feature. I routinely cut and paste into WordPerfect 6.0c for DOS from
BibleWorks, using OS/2 as the operating system.
It must be noted that users of Greek and Hebrew fonts in WP60 for DOS must
install their fonts as TrueType, as opposed to Type 1, or WP60 will not allow
accents and diacritical marks to overstrike below 30 point type size. This must
be done using the WP60 Font Installer. BWW comes with both font types.
Users of OS/2 should install BibleWorks to use Type 1 fonts, and also select
clipboard in WIN/OS2 to run in the public mode. When creating styles in WP60
always select TTF fonts for Hebrew and Greek.

Charles Bradley
Hopewell A.R. Presbyterian Church
Columbia, TN

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