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Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 05:43:27 EDT

    I'm sure this won't answer all your questions, but it
has a lot of info (I've just looked at the web page myself).
I'd suggest reading the overviews of the packages Hahne has
done. You have to decide what you need. BibleWindows
appeals to me because I can force it to look for a genitive
absolute, while other packages can't do that. You may
not care about that feature. I don't care about things
like Strong's Concordance or TSK, but those might be first
on your list. So there is no generic, "buy package X"
recommendation that anyone can give you really. Like
bicycles, you need to pick the one that fits just your set
of requirements (that's why I have an ATB for commuting,
a carbon-fiber road bike for racing, and my old Schwinn for
pedaling in the garage while I read Schweitzer and Tov) ).
ANyway, I hope this helps.

Ken Litwak
Bezerkley, CA

        Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 12:36:18 -0400 (EDT)
        From: Harry Hahne <>
        Subject: Bible Software Web Page

Subject: Bible software World Wide Web page


A World Wide Web page focuses on Bible-search software and
computer-assisted biblical research. This page is a subsection of
Chorus, an online journal of humanities computing. The URL is:

This Web page contains the following information of interest to Bible
scholars and students:

  1. Reviews of several Bible-search programs, with a particular
     emphasis on the suitability of the programs for scholarly
  2. Papers related to computer-assisted biblical research.
  3. Web links to other sites of interest for biblical scholarship.

One paper of particular interest to many in this group is my paper
called "Interpretive Implications of Using Bible-Search Software for
New Testament Grammatical Analysis". I presented this paper at the
ETS annual meeting and I have received many requests for copies of it.
This paper is an updated and revised version of a paper I presented at
AIBI 4, called "Avoiding the Pitfalls of Computer-Assisted New Testament
Grammatical Analysis".

The paper expores some hidden pitfalls in using Bible-search programs
which can lead to inacurrate search results. In my tests of several
Bible-search programs, I have found considerable variation in search
results. This paper looks at several factors which can affect search

  1. Differences in the underlying texts, including grammatical
     tagging schemes.
  2. Differences in the capabilities and assumptions of the search
  3. Common user errors.

Although the emphasis of the paper is on Greek New Testament searches,
the principles apply to searches of the Hebrew Bible and Bible
translations in any language.

If you have suggestions for other materials to put on this Web page or
if you know of other Web pages that I should should set links to, send
me an email message. I look forward to any feedback or suggestions on
how to make this a more useful resource for Bible researchers.

Harry Hahne
Ontario Theological Seminary

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