Re: 1Cor. 14:14

Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 09:09:32 EDT

Ken Litwak wrote;
>I was responding to what I perceived
>as an emphasis on its "ecstatic" quality, which however it's
>defined, makes little difference for Paul's meaning.
>Either way, the speech is from God, whether prophecy or
>tongues. Either way, it is God's Spirit speaking though the
>individual, without the individual coming up with the words
>themselves. So that is not the contrast that Paul is
>making, is it?<

The difference it makes is that it helps distinguish the miracle of human
speech in Acts2 from the ecstatic experience described in I Cor. 14. Also, I
would disagree with your assessment of the Cybil in the Delphic oracles. I
am convinced that the experience of tongues among the early Christians was
not radically different in kind from the experience in most religions of that
Carlton Winbery
La. College

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