Re: 1Cor. 14:14

Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 12:18:56 EDT

>Do you have any ideas about how to tame a wild BibAnsMan? >He seems
determined to heat up the list to a fever pitch >before winter even begins in
the northern hemisphere.<

As you can imagine, since I have tried to teach Baptist preachers since 1968
in Greek & NT, I have had a lot of experience with the likes of BibAnsMan.
 You have to hit them pretty hard right between the eyes. Even then they
often wake up and go on as tho nothing had happened. They have no concept of
a discussion of data apart from the particular spin that they want to put on
and no sense of the difference between their own brand of brow-beating
preaching and a respectful exchange of ideas.

A former colleague once made the statement after teaching for 10 years at
N.O. Baptist Seminary that teaching theology to a Baptist preacher was like
teaching chastity on Bourbon Street. They just don't want it!


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