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Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 10:51:52 EDT

At 9:25 AM 10/13/95, Bart Ehrman wrote:
> I'm trying to track down some of the modifications of the NT text that
>appear to reflect early Xn opposition to the active role of women in the
>church. In a passage batted about on this list occasionally, Rom 16:7,
>there is a variant that, to my knowledge, no one has made much or anything
>of, the addition of an article prior to the word _sunaixmalwtous_ in P46
>and B. The change could of course simply tie the word back more closely
>to the _suggeneis_ preceding. But could it also allow for an alternative
>reading of the text, so that it no longer says "Greet Andronikus and
>Junias, my kin and fellow prisoners, who are preeminent among the
>apostles" but instead, possibly, "Greet Andronikus and Junias, my kin.
>And (also greet) my fellow prisoners who are preeminent among the
>apostles"? If so, the English translators who have been so keen to
>perform a sex change on Junia may have some (more) like-minded forebears.
> Reflections and reactions?

I would only note that the article would not (for people that KNOW their
Greek) alter the fact that IOUNIAN ought properly to be understood as
feminine, because (a) as a compound substantival adjective SUNAIXMALWTOUS
is, of course, common gender, and (b) the masculine article TOUS would be
used to refer to a subject compounded of one masculine and one feminine

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