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Date: Sun Oct 15 1995 - 01:42:38 EDT

>The problem with Zondervan is that it is no longer owned by Christians. It
>is now motivated by the bottom line rather than by the need to provide
>Christians with the tools for effective exegesis. Better get some of this
>stuff up on the net or it is going to be lost .

I have to disagree with this. Zondervan has a strong interest in doing good
books. Yes, they have a bottom line, and it is a bit unrealistic to ask a
company to ignore the bottom line. Yes they are owned by Rupert Murdock,
but neither he nor HarperCollins interfere much with Zondervan.

Take my morphology for an example. They knew they would never make a profit
out of it, but they did it anyway because they recognized the need for such
a book. That's pretty good.

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