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>Subj: Lexicons
>Date: 95-10-05 18:05:46 EDT
>After contacting Zondervan, I was sad to learn that all of the lexicons
>recommended in the recent and most welcome review of available helps are
>out of stock there. They are permanently so, with one exception, and that
>was questionable. I was told that they have dropped most of the "deeper" or

>more thorough lexicons, due to lack of sales. A sad com,mentary. I was
>told to check obituaries for deceased clergy and approach the widow
>(assuming an other-than-Catholic priest in most instances). I prefer a less

>morbid shopping style! As it is, I usually buy any old Greek books I can at
>book sales, library clearances, to supplement my collection of classics and
>liturgical books (to my wife's dismay). I was looking for a smaller (but
>not tiny) portable lexicon with Papyrii and perhaps early Byz. Greek in it
>for $20-35. Still looking. Anyone trying to make room on his/her bookshelf?

>(No. I won't hold my breath).
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The problem with Zondervan is that it is no longer owned by Christians. It
is now motivated by the bottom line rather than by the need to provide
Christians with the tools for effective exegesis. Better get some of this
stuff up on the net or it is going to be lost .

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