Romans 3:22-23

Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 00:18:45 EDT

In regard to Romans 3:22 my assumption would be that DIA PISTEWS IHSOU
CHRISTOU can be equal to "through faith in Jesus Christ." However, I'm still
struggling with the issue of whether PISTEWS is something which is the
possession of Jesus Christ ("the faith OF Jesus Christ") shared(given) with
humans by him or is it a self-generated abilitity to acknowledge Jesus Christ
("faith IN Jesus Christ")? Theologically, I'm not inclined toward this
latter view but...

In Romans 3:23 what is the strength of the distinction between "sinned"
(aorist tense) and "coming short" (present tense), if any? Why not the
imperfect tense rather than the aorist? I realize the danger of reading too
much into this and that the larger context should always be kept in mind.
 But this verse just doesn't make sense. If the aorist tense is understood
as a one time completed action in the past, how could "all have sinned." Is
Paul perhaps taking some poetic license here?

Am I trying to make too much out of the language? Or have I taken my
instructors too seriously?

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