Re: Romans 3:22-23

Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 10:12:56 EDT

Carl Conrad wrote;
>(2) It seems to me that the aorist often has the force of "get >x
accomplished," as opposed to the present tense's force of >"endeavor to do
x." If that has any validity, then the Pauline >aorist in the text in
question might be understood to mean: >"everyone manages to succeed at
sinning ..."--which strikes >me as most probably true.<

Carl, that's an excellent way of putting the point that Paul is making in
Romans 1-3. In these chapter and later in 5 he seems almost to anticipate
those theologians who seem to think that sin is biologically transmitted from
Adam. He insists that each is guilty of his/her own sin.

I really did not mean to appear supercilious, a thousand apologies!

Carlton Winbery
Prof. NT & Greek
LA College, Pineville, La

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