From: Matthew Ashley Morgan (mmorgan@masters.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 18 1995 - 17:58:01 EDT

        Has anyone else bothered to mention Eta Linneman's article in last
month's Bible Review? Here we have one of the foremost former Bultmann
scholars who is basically saying that it is all garbage. The case is closed
as far as I'm concerned. Even the rejoinder in this month's Bible Review
said absolutely nothing that we don't already know. Linneman's point is
exactly right! We're talking about two completely different world views
here as to how we even approach the issue. It all begins with
presuppostions, and I most happily will affirm that I have a Christian
Evangelical presupposition holding to firm view of Scripture. I'm just
waiting for ALL critics to announce that they too have
presuppostions...We're waiting!!!

Matthew Morgan
The Master's College

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