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From: Mark O'Brien (Mark_O'
Date: Fri Oct 20 1995 - 11:02:59 EDT

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> ALSO (to respond to a post referencing Wallace's grammar): Last week the
> guys at the DTS bookstore told me that MARCH 1996 (first it was August 95,
> then November 95, then December 95) is now the expected date of Dan Wallace's
> grammar. Xerox copies of the first half (nouns, adjectives, etc.) are
> available and are being used by the 2nd year Greek students at DTS. No
> drafts of the second half (verbs, participles, etc.) are for sale. With no
> disrespect to Dr. Wallace intended (I fully understand why deadlines and
> desired publication dates are sometimes missed), maybe Zondervan should
> change the title of his book to "Wallace 96."

Dan Wallace is more than aware of the lateness of this work... he
commented the other day that it was "March or die"!

Mark O'Brien

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