BibAnsMan and "Tongues"

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Fri Oct 20 1995 - 10:48:57 EDT

This discussion on glossolalia seems to be getting outside the range of Greek
exegesis and interpretation into the always heated theological debate of
whether or not the "gift" of speaking in unknown (to the user) languages is a
valid charisma for today. BibAnsMan's mention that he is following and
recommending John MacArthur's teaching on this explains a lot, especially the
almost hostile tone in some of his posts. MacArthur's book on this issue,
CHARISMATIC CHAOS (NOT a "scholarly" work), is far from an objective
evaluation of the issue--he creates straw men and then blows them down,
taking texts out of context and misrepresenting the teachings of those he
wishes to paint as less than orthodox. If the tone of this discussion
continues a-la-MacArthur, it will not be pleasant.

        - Charis humin (kai eirhnh)

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