Scrivener's Greek Text

From: Bruce Terry (
Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 11:12:35 EDT

On Thu, 12 Oct 1995, Kirk DiVietro wrote:

>Finally, Scrivener's text is the greek text of the King James Bible.

Obviously the KJV was not translated from Scrivener's text. But the KJV that
we use today is the result of a revision by Scrivener. Did Scrivener change
the textual base of the KJV to match his Greek text? Or was his production of
a Greek text an effort to produce the Greek text underlying the translation
after the fact, much like what was done with the NEB?

Surely Scrivener did not consider 1 John 5:7-8 as original? He was too good a
textual critic for that, even if he disagreed with Westcott & Hort.

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