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It looks like Stephen's answer to my question was addressed to the list, but
from the heading, it appears to have come only to me, so I am forwarding it to
the whole list. Thanks, Stephen.

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Bruce Terry wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Oct 1995, Kirk DiVietro wrote:
> >Finally, Scrivener's text is the greek text of the King James Bible.
> Obviously the KJV was not translated from Scrivener's text. But the KJV that
> we use today is the result of a revision by Scrivener. Did Scrivener change
> the textual base of the KJV to match his Greek text? Or was his production of
> a Greek text an effort to produce the Greek text underlying the translation
> after the fact, much like what was done with the NEB?
> Surely Scrivener did not consider 1 John 5:7-8 as original? He was too good a
> textual critic for that, even if he disagreed with Westcott & Hort.

My information on Scrivener's text comes from a 1992 essay written by
Dr. Maurice A. Robinson that was distributed with the Online Bible.

Scrivener's 1894 text is an after-the-fact reconstruction of the Greek
text behind the AV, chosing from among the variant readings of that day
the reading that most fits the AV's translation. He did not back-
translate from the Vulgate when the AV followed it (e.g., Jn10:16 MIA
POIMH vs. UNUM OVILE). The purpose of his text text is to better
illustrate the textual difference between the AV and the RSV (1881).

I looked at the Johannine Comma in the Online Bible's Scrivener's
Text, and it's in there.

Stephen Carlson

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