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Date: Fri Oct 20 1995 - 04:13:47 EDT

> Before I ask my question, I just want to say that it has been a
> privilege to read the mail from this list for the last year and a
> half. It is refreshing to read the many faceted perspectives when
> discussing various biblical passages, and I hope that I too may
> reap the benefits of your input.
> My questions have to do with Ephesians 4:11ff:
> 1. Do any of you know any specific resources that focus on the
> historical background to the way these five terms were understood
> in the First Century?
  Not to seem uncooperative, but you should be able to obtain the
info asked for in #1 (and probably #2) in any good commentary on
Ephesians (Bruce, Reicke, etc.) or possibly, NIDNNT, ed. by Colin
Brown. The same would apply to #2, where you may also find bibliography
pointing you to further information. This is not to say these questions
are inappropriate here, but often nothing is quite like reading a
commentary which focuses on the Greek text and provides additional

> 2. Can "tous de poimenas kai didaskalous" be understood as two
> separate and distinct roles? Many have joined these two together
> (Pastor-teachers). I'm not so sure about this, because it seems
> that Luke may have understood didaskalos in Acts 13:1 as a distinct
> role from that of Elder in Acts 20 (that is if you see Pastor and
> Elder as the same role and function). What do ya'll think?
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