Re: magazine subscriptions sent ad nauseum

From: Keith A. Clay (
Date: Tue Oct 24 1995 - 05:21:22 EDT

>Dear Mr.Clay,
>I thank you for bringing this to my attention. We are aware of the problem
>and we have deleted the accounts which we believe have created the
>problem. However this has become an ongoing problem for us and few other
>centers. The person who is doing this is known as crazy kevin as we came
>to know from other netters, we do not know where he exists or if that is
>his real name. If you get any more of this garbage contact me. Dr.Leff is
>incharge of our Illinois facility where this problem has originated, he
>is aware of this problem and has stopped all news postings until futher
>Dr.Leff can be reached at
>Kent Charugundla
>On Sun, 22 Oct 1995, Keith A. Clay wrote:
>> Mr. Charugundla,
>> There are persons using for sending magazine subscriptions
>> ad nausem to people who do not want them. The biggest problem is is that
>> there are no return e-mail addresses with which to redress this highly
>> reprehensible action. I would ask that yourself or the appropriate
>> person(s) guarantee that any mail send from your sites carry an
>> e-mail-able address. If you have any questions, please contact me, and I
>> will show you what I mean.
>> thank you,
>> keith
>> --

Here's the response that I got by contacting the offending site. They seem
to be trying.


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