New Testament Hymns & Greek Hymns

From: Calvin D. Redmond (
Date: Fri Oct 27 1995 - 13:44:10 EDT

I'm doing some research involving the New Testament "hymns" (John 1:1-14, Col.
1:15-20, Phil. 2, etc). I'm out of my area of limited knowledge and wonder if
someone can help me with the following question: Where can I find some
description of a "standard form" for classical or Koine hymns or poems? I have
read most of the standard literature on the NT "hymns," which generally says
the NT "hymns" are not really in Greek hymn form, but I haven't been able to
define the form to try to reach any judgment on my own.

Thanks for your help!

Cal Redmond
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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