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>I'm doing some research involving the New Testament "hymns" (John 1:1-14, Col.
>1:15-20, Phil. 2, etc). I'm out of my area of limited knowledge and wonder if
>someone can help me with the following question: Where can I find some
>description of a "standard form" for classical or Koine hymns or poems? I have
>read most of the standard literature on the NT "hymns," which generally says
>the NT "hymns" are not really in Greek hymn form, but I haven't been able to
>define the form to try to reach any judgment on my own.
>Thanks for your help!
>Cal Redmond
>The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

I append a bibliography from an article I wrote that will be published in
the next issue of _Biblical Research_, the journal of the Chicago Society
for Biblical Research, titled "New Testament Hymnody as Epideictic." I did
not take the time to insert the marks to indicate italics.

People have already called attention to Norden and Lattke (who does not
think there are hymns in the NT). An old classic is the work by Kroll. The
article by Thraede is especially important, as are the tow items by Klaus
Berger. I put asterisks in front of the works that I think are especially
important. I recommend the article by Russell on Menander Rhetor and the
reading of the so-called "Sminthiac Hymn" in Menander Rhetor II.

Basic works for the NT are those by Deichgraeber, Schille, and Wengst.
Unfortunately, all the most important works are in German. If you can use
it, the first two works to consult are Thraede and Lattke.

There is a debate at present about the existence of prose hymns in the NT.
Lattke and Berger doubt their existence, Thraede supports them.

If you are interested, I could send you a short list of prose hymns in the
Greek world.

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