Re: Eph. 4:9 again

From: David Moore (
Date: Thu Oct 19 1995 - 13:43:47 EDT

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, Eric Weiss wrote:
> At the risk of adding fuel to a finally-dying fire, it seems to me that those
> who are cessationists with regard to the spiritual gifts are actually
> "liberals" in this regard (though they usually consider themselves to be
> theological conservatives), whereas those who believe things should continue
> as they were in the beginning of the church are the true "conservatives" in
> this area of theology. Maybe what one means by "liberal" and "conservative"
> is in the eye of the belabeler. But perhaps my biases are showing ....

        With regard to the cessationist position on biblical
interpretation, as that position is practiced today, I would suggest that
it is rather an extreme form of dispensationalism than a form of
liberalism. But to discuss this, it would be necessary to quite a ways
toward the theological side of the spectrum, so I'll forbear.

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