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Date: Sun Oct 29 1995 - 09:19:43 EST

Paul Watkins wrote;
>In 2 Peter 2:9, the KJV says,
>"The Lod knoweth how to deliver the godly outof temptations, and to reserve the
>unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:"
>My question is regarding the phrase "to be punished." Should this
>be thus translated, or should it be ", being punished"? The difference
>is huge because the KJV teaches that they are reserved to judgment for
>punishment (which is true, but may not be what the text is saying) but
>most literal translations I've read say that they are being punished now,
>will they are being "kept" or reserved for that day. Basically
>how does one deal with "kolazomenous"? To be punished or being punished?
>Thank you in advance, and please respond as I am not subscribed to the
>list right now.

The participle KOLAZOMENOUS can be adverbial indicating the purpose for
which they are being kept. In that case the translation "to be punished"
is acceptable. Clearly the three participles in vss. 9-10 (KOLAZOMENOUS,
POREUOMENOS, and KATAFRONOUNTAS refer to the ADIKOUS. The later two follow
the article TOUS and are used as adjectives to make a further assertion
about the ADIKOUS.

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