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Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 12:00:51 EST

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995 wrote:

> Does (h epaggelia) in Romans 4:13 equate to
> (to klhponomon auton einai kosmou) in the same verse?

        That H EPAGGELIA is in apposition to TO KLHRONOMON AUTON EINAI
KOSMOU is the way it would usually be put. Yes, that seems correct.
Also, it should be pointed out that the "TO" at the beginning of the
phrase TO KLHRONOMON AUTON EINAI KOSMOU is probably there, not as an
article for KLHRONOMON, but as an article indicating that this phrase is
a well-known saying or concept.
> If so, would the (h tw spermati autou) mean that "his seed" are also
> "heirs (lit., this is singular) of the world"? Do the constructions in this
> sentence justify
> this understanding? If not, what is the meaning?
> I take the rest of the verse to be translated something like this: "For the
> promise to Abraham...was not through law but through the righteousness
> of faith."

        The ALLA, emphasizing contrast, should be understood as a fairly
strong adversative here. Try something like "but rather by the
righteousness of faith."

>But, I am still struggling with the use of terms like
> "righteousness" and "jusitification."

        Aren't we all!

>However, I can't seem to come up with
> other words which
> might better communicate in "un-theological" terminology what the meaning is.
> Any suggestions?

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