Romans 4:13

Date: Wed Nov 01 1995 - 23:08:13 EST

Does (h epaggelia) in Romans 4:13 equate to
(to klhponomon auton einai kosmou) in the same verse?

If so, would the (h tw spermati autou) mean that "his seed" are also
"heirs (lit., this is singular) of the world"? Do the constructions in this
sentence justify
this understanding? If not, what is the meaning?


I take the rest of the verse to be translated something like this: "For the
promise to Abraham...was not through law but through the righteousness
of faith." But, I am still struggling with the use of terms like
"righteousness" and "jusitification." However, I can't seem to come up with
other words which
might better communicate in "un-theological" terminology what the meaning is.
Any suggestions?
James Clardy

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