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Date: Tue Nov 07 1995 - 15:08:34 EST

Noam Hendren wrote:
> What I find interesting is the use of the term KOSMOS to
>refer to the inheritance. In Genesis the term Eretz is used, a term which
>can refer to a specific land or to the entire earth (contrast Gen. 12:1, 5
>with Creation and flood accounts). Since the promise to Abraham and his
>seed focused on the land of Israel as delineated in Gen. 15, it is
>significant to note Paul's word choice in this verse: GH would have been
>the natural choice, one which leaves open the options inherent in eretz.
>KOSMOS, on the other hand, clearly gives a universal twist to the
>promise (Messianic Kingdom?, cf. Beatitudes; Heb. 2:3-5, there THN

It may be that Paul has Gen. 18:18 and/or 22:18 where the LXX has EQNH THS
GHS, "the nations of the earth" for the inheritance. KOSMOS would be
closer to this expression and would fit with Paul's concept of his
apostleship to the EQNH.

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