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I posted this earlier, then learned thatmost of us had to resubscribe
because of a computer glitch. Thanks to BRUCE TERRY for calling it to my
attention. Since I was not getting the B-greek postings, I do not know
whetcher the following got to people on the list. So I am reposting it,
with apologies to those for whom it is a duplication.


I saw this posted on another discussion group. thought it might be
interesting, since we had a string on citing materials on b-greek recently.
I intend to share this with students at our seminary. And, yes, I do have
permission to post it, as the following shows:

Organization: East Tennessee State University
To: emkrentz@mcs.com (Edgar M. Krentz)
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 1995 21:41:45 GMT-5
Subject: Re: Internet Citation Guide

Thanks for the interest! Indeed, feel free to repost the guide. I
will add your name to a list of interested people to whom I will send
updates of the Guide. Indeed, one is likely in the next two or
three weeks.

Mel Page

                         Melvin E. Page

                    H-AFRICA <h-africa@msu.edu>
                        History Department
                  East Tennessee State University

The following suggestions for citations of Internet sources in
history and the historically based humanities are derived from the
essential principles of academic citation in Kate L. Turabian,
*A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations,
*5th ed. (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1987). I have also
draw upon suggestions from some of the works listed below. The
guide has been improved by the the students of my Historical
Methods classes at East Tennessee State University and my fellow
 H-AFRICA editors whom I thank for their assistance.

Since the Internet is an evolving institution, this guide is not
intended to be definitive. Corrections, additions, comments,
suggestions, and criticisms are therefore welcome. Please address
them to the author at:


When the need for revisions and updates become apparent, new versions
of the guide will be issued.

                       Bibliographic Citations

Basic citation components and punctuation

Author's Last Name, First Name. [author's internet address, if
    available]. "Title of Work" or "title line of message." In
    "Title of Complete Work" or title of list/site as appropriate.
    [internet address]. Date, if available.

The samples below indicate how citations of particular electronic
sources might be made.

Listserv Messages

Walsh, Gretchen. [gwalsh@acs.bu.edu]. "REPLY: Using African
    newspapers in teaching." In H-AFRICA. [h-africa@msu.edu].
    18 October 1995.

World Wide Web

Limb, Peter. "Relationships between Labour & African Nationalist/
    Liberation Movements in Southern Africa." [http://neal.ctstateu.
    edu/history/world_history/archives/limb-l.html]. May 1992.

FTP Site

Heinrich, Gregor. [100303.100@compuserve.com]. "Where There Is
    Beauty, There is Hope: Sau Tome e Principe." [ftp.cs.ubc.ca/
    pub/local/FAQ/african/gen/saoep.txt]. July 1994.

Gopher Site

"Democratic Party Platform, 1860." [wiretap.spies.com Wiretap Online
    Library/civic & Historical/Political Platforms of the U.S.]
     18 June 1860.

Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara. "Making Difference." [gopher.uic.edu
    The Researcher/History/H-Net/H-Amstdy (American Studies)/Essays &
    Discussions About American Studies]. 20 July 1995.

Usenet Group Messages

Dell, Thomas. [dell@wiretap.spies.com]. "[EDTECH] EMG: Sacred Texts
    (Networked Electronic Versions)." In [alt.etext]. 4 February

Legg, Sonya. [legg@harquebus.cgd.ucar.edu]. "African history book
    list." In [soc.culture.african]. 5 September 1994.

E-mail Messages

Page, Mel. [pagem@etsuarts.east-tenn-st.edu]. "African dance...and
    Malawi." Private e-mail message to Masankho Banda, [mbanda@igc.
    apc.org]. 28 November 1994.

                  Footnote and Endnote Citations

Basic citation components and punctuation

    <note number> Author's First name and Last name, [author's
internet address, if available], "Title of Work" or "title line
of message," in "Title of Complete Work" or title of list/site as
appropriate, [internet address], date if available.

The examples below indicate how citations of particular electronic
sources might be made.

Listserv Messages

    <1> Gretchen Walsh, [gwalsh@acs.bu.edu], "REPLY: Using African
newspapers in teaching," in H-AFRICA, [h-africa@msu.edu], 18 October

World Wide Web

    <2> Peter Limb, "Relationships between Labour & African
Nationalist/Liberation Movements in Southern Africa," [http://neal.
ctstateu.edu/history/world_history/archives/limb-l.html], May 1992.

 FTP Site

    <3> Gregor Heinrich, [100303.100@compuserve.com], "Where There Is
Beauty, There is Hope: Sao Tome e Principe," [ftp.cs.ubc.ca/pub/
local/FAQ/african/gen/saoep.txt], July 1994.

    <4> Sonya Legg, [legg@harquebus.cgd.ucar.edu], "African history
book list," in [soc.culture.african], 5 September 1994.

Gopher Site

    <5> "Democratic Party Platform, 1860," [wiretap.spies.com
Wiretap Online Library/civic & Historical/Political Platforms of the
U.S.], 18 June 1860.

    <6> Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, "Making Difference,"
[gopher.uic.edu The Researcher/History/H-Net/H-Amstdy (American
Studies)/Essays & Discussions About American Studies], 20 July 1995.

Usenet Group Messages

    <7>Thomas Dell, [dell@wiretap.spies.com] "[EDTECH] EMG: Sacred
Texts (Networked Electronic Versions)," in [alt.etext], 4 February

E-Mail Messages

    <8> Mel Page, [pagem@etsuarts.east-tenn-st.edu], "African
dance...and Malawi," private e-mail message to Masankho Banda,
[mbanda@igc.apc.org], 28 November 1994.

         Additional Source Material on Internet Citations

Dodd, Sue A. "Bibliographic References for Computer Files in the
    Social Sciences: A Discussion Paper." [gopher://info.monash.
    edu.au:70/00/handy/cites]. Revised May 1990. {Published in
    *IASSIST Quarterly*, 14, 2(1990): 14-17.}

Li, Xia and Nancy Crane. *Electronic Style: A Guide to Citing
    Electronic Information*. Westport: Meckler, 1993.

University of Chicago Press *Chicago Guide to Preparing Electronic
    Manuscripts: for Authors and Publishers*. Chicago: University
    of Chicago Press, 1987.

Walker, Janice R. "MLA-Style Citations of Internet Sources."
    April 1995.

version 1.1 30 October 1995
                 Copyright Melvin E. Page, 1995.
This document may be reproduced and redistributed, but only in its
entirety and with full acknowledgement of its source and authorship.

Hope you find this useful.

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