NT Text Criticism

From: Edgar M. Krentz (emkrentz@mcs.com)
Date: Fri Nov 10 1995 - 18:47:20 EST

I am resubmitting this, since It may have been lost in the subscription
problem. Pardon the duplication.

Some tiome ago there was a thread that spoke of collating NT MSS and
entering them on computers.

People interested in this type of project might want to look at the report
by Paul R. McReynolds: "Announcement: International Greek New Testament
Project A Progress Report" in _Novum Testamentum_ 37,3 (July 1995) 301.

He reports that the team has collated 21 uncials andcompleted 69 minuscule
collations, with 11 electronic collations. They have developed a software
program for collating MSS. He also says: "Indeed, the work even as it
progreses cn be made available." The Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center in
Claremont, CA is serving as the repository. He also states the need for
additional volunteer collators. If interested, check out the article.

The most recent report from the Muenster Institute for NT Textual studies,
covering the years 1992-1994, was also published in mid-1995. It contains a
report on the work of the institute, an article on the textual history of
the Syriac Harkeleian NT, an article on the methodology of evaluating the
text of citations in church fathers, and a list of publications currently

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