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An interesting queestion came up in an elective today: How do you translate
the EMBRIMHSAMENOS in Mark 1:43? The verb, says Swete _ad loc_, means to
speak or act sternly,but without the idea of anger being inherent in the
term. And the term EXEBALEN is also strong. BAGD suggests "warn sternly."
Matt 8:4 does not have the term.

BAGD days that there is an expression of anger in Lucian's _Necyomant. 20
and Pseudo-Libanius, Declam. 40. In La 2:6 LXX the term with the dative of
the person means to scold or censure. Outside of Mark 1:43 you find the
term in Mark 14:5, Matt 9:30 in Jesus' speech to the two blind men, and in

The question is complicated by the context, since v.41 sys that Jesus had
pity on the man (SPLAGXNISQEIS). The western text tradition, representedby
Codex D and the Latin MSS a ff2 r1 reprent both one Old Latin and two Vg
Mss reads ORGISQEIS instead of EMBRIMIHSAMENOS, apparently to remove the
conflict with v. 43.

Must one psychologize Jesus and or the leper in this narrative?

I will be interested in reading suggestions for the precise translation of
this term in each of the four passages listed above--and in seeing how a
common thread runs through these translations.

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