Re: Eternity/eternal life

From: Carlton L. Winbery (
Date: Thu Nov 16 1995 - 10:23:13 EST

Mark O'brien wrote:
>And what about Jn 17:3, where Christ defines AIWNIOS ZWH as being
>knowledge of the Father and the Son? I guess that raises the
>question as to what is meant by GINWSKWSIN in this context. One
>would think it is probably more than cognitive recognition, and
>perhaps to be understood in terms of relationship. However one
>interprets GINWSKWSIN here, this verse at least does seem to remove
>AIWNIOS from being in the temporal realm entirely.<

Rudolf Bultmann wrote in the Hermeneia volume on I John something to the
effect that the Johannine concept of "knowing God" referred to a
relationship with God in which the knower is determined in his ethic by God
himself. He gave it a definite ethical dimension.

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