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From: Mark O'Brien (Mark_O'
Date: Thu Nov 16 1995 - 14:24:19 EST

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> A good question for discussion would be, is AIWNIOS, as it is used
> in the New Testament, always in reference to quantity of time, or
> does it sometimes express only quality. For instance, in 1 Jhn. 5:11
> and 12 where the apostle speaks of ZWHN AIWNION that God has
> given us in His Son, and whoever has the Son has this life. Is
> AIWNION in reference to the eternity of the life that God gives, or
> may we understand ZWHN AIWNION as a certain quality of life
> without necessary reference to its being everlasting?

And what about Jn 17:3, where Christ defines AIWNIOS ZWH as being
knowledge of the Father and the Son? I guess that raises the
question as to what is meant by GINWSKWSIN in this context. One
would think it is probably more than cognitive recognition, and
perhaps to be understood in terms of relationship. However one
interprets GINWSKWSIN here, this verse at least does seem to remove
AIWNIOS from being in the temporal realm entirely.

> Something to think about.

Indeed... I'm trying!

Mark O'Brien
Grad. student, Dallas Theological Seminary

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