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Date: Thu Nov 16 1995 - 11:22:28 EST

On 16 Nov 1995, Paul Watkins wrote:

> Is eternity eternity or something else? Please send responses directly
> to me as I am not currently subscribed. Thank you.


        It would probably be better to phrase your question in terms of
the Greek word most often used to express "eternal." The adjective
AIWNIOS is usually used in biblical expressions like "eternal life."

        A good question for discussion would be, is AIWNIOS, as it is used
in the New Testament, always in reference to quantity of time, or does it
sometimes express only quality. For instance, in 1 Jhn. 5:11 and 12 where
the apostle speaks of ZWHN AIWNION that God has given us in His Son, and
whoever has the Son has this life. Is AIWNION in reference to the
eternity of the life that God gives, or may we understand ZWHN AIWNION as
a certain quality of life without necessary reference to its being

        Something to think about.


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