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Date: Sun Nov 26 1995 - 09:40:51 EST

> > simple example. what is an aorist? again, theory of TMA. the choice is
> > to do things the same old way, or to try to further our understanding
> > of Greek grammar. I simply assume the importance of Greek grammar: period.
> Thanks for taking the time to respond. I was afraid your reply would be
> something like this. Your above point 4. is exactly what I've been
> arguing, but my faculty seem skeptical. They keep pressing me to
> demonstrate exegetical payoff so my dissertation will be "a New Testament
> dissertation and not a linguistic one." I find this a bit frustrating. I
> think quite a bit of work (catch-up work, really) needs to be done in
> Greek grammar to lay a foundation for the truly interesting applications
> to exegetical questions. In part, interesting exegetical questions would
> arise precisely from a comprehensive grammar using current linguistic
> models. But that can hardly be done in a dissertation.
well, as you may know, the "new" new Right is gutting our wonderful
public university system in Canada in the name of freedom, or some such
nonsense. there's been a lot of talk about what universities are for,
and what research *is*. pure research is apparently off the agenda: it
has to have immediate payoff. the irony is that all the things
UofToronto is famous for were pure research projects with no immediate
payoff; the applications came later and were unexpected (I'm talking
about the breakthroughs in the "hard" sciences). no doubt that's how
it'll work with Greek linguistics too. and it's short-sighted to
demand the payoff up front. sigh.

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