Re: Bible study software?

From: Philip L. Graber (
Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 20:33:45 EST

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Nichael Cramer wrote:

> It should be noted, however, that many/most(all?) of the systems listed
> during this thread support only text-only Greek or Hebrew modules; i.e. no
> critical apparatus, no variant readings, etc. and as such are of limited
> use. Similarly no accents, breathing marks, etc.

I don't recall what programs have been mentioned. I do know that Bible
Windows from Silver Mountain Software includes accents and breathing
marks. As of the most recent release (version 4.0), you can also search
on Hebrew vowels and accents in the BHS. Furthermore, since the texts are
tagged (Greek NT, LXX and BHS, that is) you can also find any form of a word
or any grammatical category regardless of its particular grammatical
manifestation. The search engine is quite powerful. Since it uses the
Friberg text, ambiguous forms will be found by any of the parameters that
match (the last time I used it, Gramcord did not include ambiguities in
the database itself, but choices were made; BTW, Bible Windows is also
considerably less expensive than Gramcord, but there is no Mac version of
Bible Windows).

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