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From: Alan D. Bulley (
Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 19:53:29 EST

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Nichael Cramer wrote:

> It should be noted, however, that many/most(all?) of the systems listed
> during this thread support only text-only Greek or Hebrew modules; i.e. no
> critical apparatus, no variant readings, etc. and as such are of limited
> use. Similarly no accents, breathing marks, etc.
> Likewise the search engines in many of the systems are quite simple; for
> example in the On-Line Bible were one do a search in Greek on "XAPIS", the
> system will not find matches of the form "XAPIC" (i.e. different forms of
> the final sigma).

Nichael is quite right -- a lot of the Bible software out there is next
to useless for any serious work. This is why I'll be saving my pennies
for the Gramcord Institute's acCordance programme. It contains the most
powerful search engine I have seen for a Bible programme and is able to
perform multiple levels of lexical and grammatical searches using Boolean
patterns. Yet one thing is lacking in acCordance 1.1: the ability to read
the PHI and TLG disks. The Gramcord people tell me this is something they
are looking into, but not to hold my breath.

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