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From: Stephen Carlson (
Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 22:51:54 EST

Nichael Cramer wrote:
> Likewise the search engines in many of the systems are quite simple; for
> example in the On-Line Bible were one do a search in Greek on "XAPIS", the
> system will not find matches of the form "XAPIC" (i.e. different forms of
> the final sigma).

I use the On-Line Bible as well as Bible Windows. And although Bible
Windows is very good for sophisticated searches (and includes the LXX
as well), I really like the OLB because it is blindingly *fast*.

The problem with the final sigma doesn't crop up much in the OLB,
because no words end in a non-final sigma, so you just type it in:
like this: "cariv". If you want to search for more than the nominative
singular of XARIS, you would use the OR operator: "cariv | carit*".
Bible Windows is nice for letting me specify just the lexical form, but
it is slower, not to mention the Windoze start up time.

Stephen Carlson

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