Bible study software? (fwd)

From: Wes C. Williams (
Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 22:58:57 EST

I have been a software consultant for the last 16 years and have personally
experienced frustration with the limitations of performing greek searches such
as "give me all instances of predicate anarthrous nouns occurring before a
copulative verb" (in personal research of Harner (1961) and Colwell's rule.
This is especially challenging when there are an unknown number of adjectives
and/or attributes between the noun and the verb.

To end the frustration, I began writing my own bible research software several
years ago. I stopped when I found I had direct access to the programmer of
Bibleworks. I found him to be quite responsive to incorporating suggestions into
his product.

This is not an advertisement of Bibleworks. I am an independent greek
researcher who has used a variety of products. However, in the interests of
furthering the present limits of scriptual research, I would like to offer that
if anybody is hitting the limits of software research, I would be happy to pass
your suggestions on to the Bibleworks developer who will consider incorporating
it. It worked for me.

Wes Williams
Software Consultant

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