Re: Bible study software? (fwd)

From: D. Peterson (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 01:48:30 EST

>Likewise the search engines in many of the systems are quite simple; for
>example in the On-Line Bible were one do a search in Greek on "XAPIS", the
>system will not find matches of the form "XAPIC" (i.e. different forms of
>the final sigma).

Not so. The search is done using the strongs #, not "XARIS". That gets you
not only XARIC, but also every inflection of the root.

Yes, OLB does not have diacriticals, punctuation, etc. However, the
manuscripts of the NT don't have those either. At least OLB has spaces
between the words. :)

It is true, though that you can't replace your trusty Nestle-Aland with one
of these programs. That wasn't the question, however.

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