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From: Stephen Carlson (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 10:18:43 EST

D. Peterson wrote:
> >Likewise the search engines in many of the systems are quite simple; for
> >example in the On-Line Bible were one do a search in Greek on "XAPIS", the
> >system will not find matches of the form "XAPIC" (i.e. different forms of
> >the final sigma).
> Not so. The search is done using the strongs #, not "XARIS". That gets you
> not only XARIC, but also every inflection of the root.

In the OLB version I have, Strong's # are only available in the English
(KJV) module, not the Greek module, and are of course keyed to the
Textus Receptus instead of the NA26/UBS3. Thus, they are not useful for
serious Greek work.

> Yes, OLB does not have diacriticals, punctuation, etc. However, the
> manuscripts of the NT don't have those either. At least OLB has spaces
> between the words. :)

Lack of diacriticals, punctuation, and case also simplify the searching,
which I suppose is the real reason.

> It is true, though that you can't replace your trusty Nestle-Aland with one
> of these programs. That wasn't the question, however.

This point deserves reiteration.

Stephen Carlson

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