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Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 23:26:30 EST

I was temporarily unsubscribed from the list today, so forgive me for
retreading any old ground.

Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> My query:
> Do we really have any EARLY evidence for accentuation of such names in the
> Greek MSS? I just don't know enough, but my impression is that the accents
> are not present at all in the older uncial MSS and that their appearance in
> the cursive MSS is not necessarily a reliable indication. So is there any
> significant evidence that the accent on IOUNIAN actually WAS a circumflex
> on the A? In other words, is that supposedly masculine ending on the name
> really ancient or might it well be a product of copyists who make the
> assumption that it was a masculine name?

Is it just me, or do others think that the apparatus in the UBS4 is a
bit puzzling on this point:

        Text: IOUNIA=N

        Apparatus: {A} IOUNIA=N (masculine) (Aleph A B* C D* F G P, but
        written without accents) // IOUNI/AN (feminine) B2 D2 Psi-vid
        0150 33 81 104 [+ 17 other miniscules] Byz [L] Lect Chrysostom
        // IOULI/AN P46 6 it-ar,b vg-mss cop-bo eth Jerome

What does it mean to be "masculine ... but written without accents"
when the unaccented form is ambiguous as to gender? Or does it only
mean that the correctors to B and D thought it was masculine? Why
then does it have an A rating?

Stephen Carlson

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