Greek fonts & Win95 & GRAMCORD Institute announcements

From: Paul A. Miller (
Date: Thu Feb 08 1996 - 18:26:42 EST

Some general information for friends of The GRAMCORD Institute:

1) In supporting our GRAMCORD for Windows users who are working under Win95,
we have discovered a number of Win95 bugs and/or eccentricities which can
get in the way of the installation of Greek fonts. Win95 users in general
may want to be alert to these issue whenever they install software
containing new fonts. Moreover, some computer manufacturers are producing
their OWN special versions of Win95 that can be very problematic. (In
particular, we are finding that ACER COMPUTER users are having to go outside
of Win95 to change the system attribute bit before they can use new fonts.
It is amazing that Microsoft has tolerated these deviations and users are
being unnecessarily inconvenienced.) Any of our GRAMCORD users who have
questions about their Greek fonts should contact us for assistance. We have
found fairly simple solutions for all of the situations encountered so far.

2) We are once again experiencing emergency weather conditions here in the
Portland metropolitan area. As a result of heavy snow melt and rains,
overflowing rivers and mud-slides are blocking major roads and massive
flooding threatens the warehouses of the United Parcel Service and the U.S.
Postal service. As a result, we must apologize to those of you awaiting our
software deliveries. We are being very careful about releasing our shipments
until this emergency subsides.

3) We are now shipping our Vulgate module for use with acCordance for the
Macintosh. Please email us for details.

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