Re: 1 John 5:7 In or out????

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Date: Mon Feb 05 1996 - 09:17:28 EST

On 2/5/96, wrote:

> Since this is my first post I sure clear up something
> That is my daughter's name in the email address below
> It is a long story how it got there,
> and an equally long story why I do not change it.......
> So my name is Jim
> I graduated from Western Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Ore.
> >From what I just read in Chr. Today
> It is one of the fastest growing in Oregon I think or else in the
> States anyway <big grin>
> I told the guys over in Theology that I would ask you over here in
> B-Greek Actually I have been "lurking" for some time and will
> continue to do so since my Greek is so rusty.... <sob sob>
> Also related to the 1 John 5:7 issue is what do you guys fall on the
> TR or Majority Text debate fall?
> Thanks for any response esp. from Conrad (hint hint ;)

Welcome, Jim. We'll take your word about Western Evangelical.
As for your question, I make no claims to expertise at textual criticism,
but as to the question in your subject heading, I think the evidence is
overwhelming that the TR additions in 1 John 5:7-8 are spurious, unattested
in any MS earlier than the 4th century. Metzger has a long note in his
_Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament_ and the commentaries deal
thoroughly with it. As for the second question, I don't think it's quite an
either/or matter. but I'm sure the adepts will speak up and I suspect
you'll find few defenders of the TR amongst us.

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