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Date: Wed Feb 07 1996 - 19:46:47 EST

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>Subject: Re: 1 John 5:7 In or out????
>At 02:10 PM 2/5/96, Jim wrote:
>>Also related to the 1 John 5:7 issue is what do you guys fall on the
>>TR or Majority Text debate fall?
>>Thanks for any response
>>esp. from Conrad (hint hint ;)
>While I lack Carl's credentials (and envy them), I might venture a reply.
The question is undoubtedly concerned with whether "the three who are
bearing witness" are the Spirit, water, and blood, or the Father, the Logos,
and the Holy Spirit.
>It is difficult for me to believe that anyone with any knowledge of textual
criticism could make an argument for the latter ("Trinitarian") reading. In
Bruce Metzger's _The Text of the New Testament_, Metzger gives the strange
story of how that reading came to be included in the TR tradition. Erasmus
was inclined to exclude the "heavenly witnesses," but promised that if one
manuscript could be found that supported the reading, he would include it.
A manuscript, Greg. 61, was found (or more likely manufactured). This
manuscript exists today at Trinity College in Dublin, and is dated to about
1520, written in Oxford by a Franciscan named Froy or Roy. This manuscript
was apparently based on the Latin Vulgate. The earliest Greek manuscript
today which includes the "heavenly witnesses" is a twelfth-century ms..
Greg. 88, which has the disputed passage in the margin rather than the text.
>It is instructive for us that even Zane Hodges' _The Majority Text_ does
not include the heavenly witnesses. When I checked his work this morning
before answering this posting, my respect for him increased. The next
question is why the New King James, which I believe rests upon Hodges' text,
includes these disputed witnesses.
>Of course, without venturing too far into the realm of theology (which
always ends up frustrating most list members), I would affirm my own
commitment to the Trinity based on other New Testament passages.
>Cal Redmond
>The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Cal Redmond
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