Re: 1 John 5:7 In or out????

Date: Thu Feb 08 1996 - 20:03:11 EST

Cal Redmond inquired:

>It is instructive for us that even Zane Hodges' _The Majority Text_ does
>not include the heavenly witnesses. When I checked his work this morning
>before answering this posting, my respect for him increased. The next
>question is why the New King James, which I believe rests upon Hodges' text,
>includes these disputed witnesses.

Regarding the NKJV and Hodges' Majority Text:
The New King James Version is not based on Hodges' MT, but upon
the traditional Textus Receptus. The NKJV is not a new translation but
a revision of the KJV. As such it was appropriate to follow the same
text as the original translators followed. This decision was supplemented
by the incorporation of footnotes at those places in the text where
variants occur. At 1John 5:7 the NKJV footnote reads: "NU, M omit the rest
of v. 7 and through *on earth* of v. 8, a passage found in only four or five
late Greek mss."
James D. Price

James D. Price, Ph.D.
Prof. of Hebrew and OT
Temple Baptist Seminary
Chattanooga, TN
Executive Editor of NKJV Old Testament.

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