Biblical Conference in Hungary

From: David N. Biacsi (
Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 06:30:55 EST

Dear Recipients:

There will take place the Sixth Biblical Conference of Szeged from Sept. 2
thru 5 at Divinity College in Szeged, Hungary.

Its topics are Mariology and Childhood Stories.

The conference is oecumenic. Lecturers already applied are from the OSB
Archabbey of Pannonhalma, Bishopric of Gyor (Hungary), Archbishopric of
Alba Julia (Romania), Texas, Croatia, Roma, Dublin--Catholic side; Karoli
Gaspar Univ. of Budapest, Univ. of Debrecen--Calvinist side; Divinity
College, Budapest--Lutheranist side etc.

Lectures welcome will be concerning Biblical relations of Mariology as
well as poetry about Holy Mary in various nations (Latin, English, French,
Spanish, Hungarian, Polish etc.); or studies of a scholar's opus in these

10-line long synopses are awaited till March 15.

The organizer of the conference is Rev Dr Gyorgy Benyik, senior lecturer
of Biblical Studies at the Divinity College of Szeged.

Waiting for hearing from you:

David N. Biacsi
Computer Science-Theology student
University of Veszprem, Hungary
Phone: +36 88 / 329 896
Address: H-8200 Veszprem, Moricz Zs. u. 8., Hungary

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