Ephesians 4:4

From: Northland Bible College (northlan@soonet.ca)
Date: Thu Feb 08 1996 - 10:35:30 EST

Another Teaser Folks!

We studied this verse this morning, which raised another question.

The coordinate clause "[THERE IS] ONE BODY AND ONE SPIRIT" is immediately
appended with a subordinate clause "JUST AS YOU WERE ALSO CALLED IN ONE

The first observation we made was that KAThWS suggests a similar
relationship between the two nouns in the first as between the two nouns
in the second. Ie: SWMA relates to PNEUMA as ELPIDI relates to KLHSEWS.

[Theologically, the case can be made, based on 1 Cor.12:13 for example,
that PNEUMA is causative for, and chronologically antecedent to SWMA.]
Ie. the one Spirit brought the one Body into existence.

This then would lead to the conclusion that Paul's point here is that
KLHSEWS is likewise causative for, and chronologically antecedent to
ELPIDI. Ie. the one Calling resulted in the one Hope.

Syntactically then, this raises a difficulty. We took KLHSEWS as a
subjective genitive (based on the KAThWS line of reasoning) with a noun
of action - but is ELPIDI really a noun of action?

Or is there a better way to classify KLHSEWS?

Or is this an instance where I misused a hermeneutic at the beginning and
thus got what I syntactically deserved in the end?



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