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Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 08:31:09 EST

> We studied this verse this morning, which raised another question.
> The coordinate clause "[THERE IS] ONE BODY AND ONE SPIRIT" is immediately
> appended with a subordinate clause "JUST AS YOU WERE ALSO CALLED IN ONE
> The first observation we made was that KAThWS suggests a similar
> relationship between the two nouns in the first as between the two nouns
> in the second. Ie: SWMA relates to PNEUMA as ELPIDI relates to KLHSEWS.
> Steve.

One, it seems to me that the correspondence that KAQWS is linking is the "one"
body and "one" spirit with "one" hope -- i.e., the common thread of the whole
extended sentence seems to be that of unity.

Two, KAQWS doesn't seem to me to require either syntactic or semantic
parallelism. The closest rendering of KAQWS in English seems to me to be
something like "in accordance with how" which suggests some form of harmony
between the antecedent and subsequent clauses, but not necessarily either
syntactic or semantic parallelism.

However, that said, there is an intriguing parallelism of syntax (and hence
possibly of semantics) in the sentence, if we observe that the syntax of


echoes the structure of the preceding


If we render "EN" in both cases as "by means of" and the genitive as a
non-specific association as "associated with", we get something like

  being eager to keep the unity of the Spirit by means of the common bond
  associated with the peace: one body and one spirit, in accordance with
  how you also got called by means of one hope associated with your
  invitation ....

that is, the "common bond" associated with "the peace" is a means for "keeping
the unity of the Spirit" just as the "one hope" associated with "your
invitation" is a means for "your getting called."

Jim V.

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